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Paris Travel Guide

We all know Paris as city of love but this middle-European place has a lot more to offer for traveler. Of course, you should visit all the usual tourist attractions like Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame cathedral but if you want something more from your holiday keep reading. In this article, we will first introduce the must visit destinations in Paris and after that some of the not so well known attractions.

The Most Popular Paris Tourist Attractions

Eiffel Tower: When you think about Paris you will probably think about Eiffel Tower. Even if you don’t visit this huge structure itself taking tourist photos with it is necessary thing to do in Paris. Picnic (cheap wine and tasty cheese) at the bottom of Eiffel Tower may be even better experience than taking the elevator to the top.

Wonderful View, Paris, France

 Louvre: The museums of all museums. If you haven’t heard about Louvre and its famous masterpiece ‘Mona Lisa’, you have probably been living under a rock. When visiting Paris Louvre is one of the things you shouldn’t skip. There may be long queues and it is a little expensive but you can’t find museum like Louvre from anywhere in the world. In addition to Mona Lisa this museum has many more famous artworks.


 Arc de Triomphe: See whole Paris, and perfect view to Eiffel Tower, from beautiful rooftop. About 50m high arch is like central point of the city. All the main streets leave from this point and make it perfect place to take your tourist photos.

Notre-Dame Cathedral: Probably best known from popular Disney movie. Notre-Dame Cathedral is beautiful building with amazing views around the city. If you want to visit inside or climb up to the observation tower, be ready to wait in line. There is always many people who want to see this colorful and interesting wonder of Paris.

Interesting Destinations in Paris

Paris Sewer Museum: Urban explorers who are planning visit to Paris will fall in love with this not so well known tourist attraction. Under Paris lies secret world that is surprisingly easy to access. Walk in old tunnels and see secret side of Paris that seems like scene from spy movie, fantasy book or post-apocalyptic story.

Disneyland: Just outside of Paris lies magical world full of your childhood heroes. Only a few Paris visitors realize that they could do short day trip or just evening visit to this European’s own Disneyland amusement park. Train from central Paris takes under 30 minutes so you can easily go to see the famous Disney’s fireworks that color the sky every night at park’s closing time.

Shakespeare and Company: This bookstore has been the meeting place of writers for decades. Many famous writers have spent time in this iconic bookstore that also provides accommodation for aspiring writers. So, if you are writer or just normal booklover, Shakespeare and Company fits perfectly for your Paris itinerary.

59 Rivoli: Friends of street art, colors and modern art will like 59 Rivoli. This building is home for Paris most interesting artists and third most visited Parisian contemporary art gallery/museums/place. Its outer walls show of amazing art that looks good on photos. 59 Rivoli is located near huge shopping paradises so you can easily visit during your shopping spree.

Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures: This is one of the most unique museums in Paris. Creepy museum is dedicated to vampires and other scary creatures. Learn more information about ancient vampire rituals that once took place in Paris’ old cemeteries. Vampire museum is definitely the place if you want to experience something different in Paris.


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