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Berlin Travel Guide

As Germany’s capital city Berlin is divided to two parts by the history. Even if it has been decades since this central European city consisted of West and East Berlin, the feeling of two different areas is still there. Berlin Wall, that separated the two Berlins from each other, is still one of the main attractions. In addition to all these important historic destinations Berlin has modern side full of culture, shopping possibilities and interesting experiences.


General Berlin Information

Germany and Berlin are easy travel destination for Europeans because the currency they use is euro. You can easily travel to neighboring countries or not change money at all (if you are from country using euros as currency) so travel preparations will be a lot easier. Usually locals speak excellent English and even if they don’t learning a few basic German phrases will be easy. As city Berlin is relatively safe but you should keep eye on your purse because there may be pickpockets on touristy spots.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Berlin

Berlin Wall is definitely the most important of Berlin’s tourist attractions. You can view it from many places but Wall’s visitor center is the best place to see the remains of this old wall. After seeing Berlin Wall you should visit eerily quiet Holocaust Memorial. Not everyone likes historic attractions and in that situation starting your Berlin trip from TV Tower is must thing to do. It’s the best place to go when you want to see whole Berlin from above.


When it comes to museums Berlin is like heaven. Good place to start your culture tour is from Museums Island. This small island in central Berlin has the city’s most important and older museums. If you want something modern and different, you should try one of the smaller galleries or huge modern art museums. Here is some examples of museums that are more “cool” and popular among youngsters: Berlinische Galerie, Pool Gallery, Neues Museum, Museum of Design and Berlin’s ‘Unterwelten’ Museum.

After full days of museums and tourist attractions you should go shopping. Berlin has everything from high-end boutiques to cheap clothing stores. Alexa Shopping Mall and Mall of Berlin are good shopping centers with many local and global brands. Hackescher Markt is area fitting for students and travelers with tight budget. This area has some of the best flea markets in whole Berlin. One shop worth of mentioning is Primark. It is popular among young locals and has cheap but cool clothes for everyone. 

Experiences you will never forget

This city in the middle of Europe is known for the colorful festivals, culture and world-class gigs. Whenever you decide to visit Berlin there will be definitely something for you to experience. Maybe the most popular experiences you can try in Berlin are visiting city’s beautiful Christmas markets. But for those wanting something more extreme I would recommend bungee jumping in city centrum or tour to abandoned Teufelsberg. The most family friendly experience you can find from Berlin is probably watching movie in open air cinema. At summer time you can find these small cinemas around the city from different parks and areas.

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