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We all know London either as popular travel destination or as one of the biggest European cities. This urban metropolis charms travellers with art, tourist attractions and culture but also with wild nightlife, endless shopping possibilities and interesting day trip destinations. One thing is sure: London has something to offer for everyone.

Famous attractions


London has many famous landmarks and attractions that are known all around the world. Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace are just a few places every first-time tourist should visit in this lively city. Conveniently all three of these are situated close to each other. In addition to these places you shouldn’t forget to take selfie with famous red phonebooth or wander around endless Hyde Park.

If you are lover of art, London will be your new favorite destination. Museums (that are often free) like Tate Modern are full of masterpieces from world famous artistes. Even if “old dusty paintings” weren’t your thing don’t dismiss idea of museum visit right away. London has plenty of interesting museum that have nothing to do with traditional art. You can for example take photos with your favorite idols in Madame Tussauds was museum that has real looking was statues of famous people.


After long day of culture, history and wandering around the city you shouldn’t go to bed and try to rest. London truly wakes up after dark. People seem happier and there are is always some kind of amusement. All styles and preferences are represented in London. All neighborhoods have a little different atmosphere but you can surely find good places like Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Soho.

It is recommended to do some evening shopping before returning to your accommodation. If you are trying to find fashionable but cheap clothes, huge Forever 21 on Bond Street is the place for you. But if you wish for something more luxurious, go for Harrods. Even if you are broke visiting Harrods is one of the must things to do in London. This department store is huge, full of luxury and has apparently cool toilets.

Be different and do a day trip

Sundown over London

Usually people get so blinded by all the London’s attractions that they forget to even look for other options. London has good connections around the country and there are many interesting day trip destinations close by. Beautiful Brighton beach, old unique university Oxford, mysterious attraction Stone Henge, Harry Potter: Warner Bros Studio Tour (that is perfect for all people loving these movies) and Bath are just some examples for those trying to find interesting destination out of the city.

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