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The World’s Most Unusual Hotels: Silver Mine Hotel

Silver Mine Hotel, Sweden

Living in a 300-year-old structure that’s buried more than 500 feet underground is no one’s idea of a fun filled family vacation. However, the Silver Mine hotel in Sweden has the potential to change that. Located in the famed Sala mines of Sweden, the Silver Mine experience is sure to satisfy the biggest adrenaline junkies.

What’s so unusual?

Well, the fact that the Silver Mine hotel isn’t a hotel in the first place. It’s actually a silver mine that has now been converted into a bed and breakfast. The mine was first shafted at the end of the 17th century, with the site being a hub for silver extraction. Today, there are rumors of further treasures underneath the surface, but the temperature and surface conditions have made it impossible to dig through.

The second notable thing about the Silver Mine hotel is that it features the world’s deepest room at 508 feet beneath the surface. The room is so deep in fact, that there is no cellular reception. The hotel does provide walkie talkies as communication is established by way of radios.


The rooms can be divided into two categories: the above ground mining B&B, and the underground suite. The bed and breakfast boasts a total of 15 rooms, all of which borrow design inspirations from the mining era of the 1920s. Among the 15, there are choices of single, double and even triple beds.

The star of the hotel is the underground suite located 508 feet beneath the ground. The room comes with a king sized bed, two insulated arm chairs and an elevator shaft. Don’t worry though, the hotel also provides candles as well as a guide that takes you to and from the room. Since cell phones don’t work at this depth, calls are directed to the above ground reception who then communicates the message by sending a staff member to you.

Keep in mind however, that temperatures can get quite chilly, with the average being around 2 degrees Celsius. The rooms come with extra blankets and mattresses to address the cold, but you should still bring thick clothing with you just in case.

Price Range

The price range for the above ground bed and breakfast is about $79. On the other end of the spectrum, the special underground suite costs $600 per night. If you don’t feel like spending too much or living in an underground chamber, a good idea would be to book one of the cheaper standard rooms and just take a tour of the mine for $30.


The mine hosts several tours underground that detail the history of the area. At the deepest level, you’ll come across some water filled shafts that give the illusion of being underground lakes. The underground room is also attached with a concert hall and an entertainment room. There’s also a wedding chapel located at 400 feet below the surface.

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