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The Future of Hotels: What to Expect?

You might be saving up for the ‘trip of a lifetime’, but if you’re not in a hurry, we would suggest holding onto that cash for a little longer. The hotel industry is undergoing a massive change, with several new developments taking place this year. Smart rooms, spas, and gym hotels – these concepts may seem alien, but they’re about to be a standard feature for most hotels. So, without further ado, here are the top 4 hotel industry developments you can expect in the near future.

Smart Hotels

The biggest news in the hotel industry last year was definitely the opening of the Hen na hotel in Japan. The literal translation of the word is weird, and there’s good reason why – the hotel is completely manned by robots. Imagine a hotel where you tip a robot for room service, facial recognition is your key to the room and the reception has a talking robot dinosaur (we are not making this up).

While the Japanese hotel is open for business, it’s still at the concept stage. However, expect big hotel chains like Marriot to integrate smart technology in their hotels within the next decade.

Michelin Star Restaurants

Fine dining isn’t usually associated with hotel restaurants, but that’s about to change. After the successful launch of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo by acclaimed Danish chef Rene Redzepi, others are following suit. The most notable of these is the Enigma restaurant opened at the Palazzo in Dubai, which switches its celebrated chefs 4 times a year. Expect to be served with world famous dishes right in the comfort of your hotel bedroom.

Unconventional Mergers

Two global hotel chains, Marriot and Starwood, merged into what is today the largest hotel company in the world. So, what’s interesting about two big chains going through a standard merger? Besides the fact that they now have more than 1million rooms combined, the merger has also given way for other hotel chains to do something similar.

Accor Hotels, a mainstay in affordable 4 star hotels, recently announced that they’ll be partnering up with FRHI holdings, which is primarily known for its luxury hotels. With the two being at the opposite ends of the spectrum, expect some unique developments (possibly an affordable five star hotel room).

Eco Friendly Rooms

Anyone should have seen this coming. With the recent concern over high carbon dioxide emissions and wasted resources, it’s only natural that big players are now turning towards the green side. In New York alone, more than 10 hotels have signed an agreement to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. Elsewhere, hotels have started implementing smart shower caps that mist water, reducing the amount of wasted water by up to 85%.

With many brands failing solely due to their passive take on the environmental problems, hotels will have to take greener measures in order to stay relevant.

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