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Why You Should Book a Hotel Online?

The age of making long distance calls to front desks and trying to haggle with them in a different language are gone. Today, online hotel booking systems have digitalized the way we book everything from hotels to airline tickets. Considering that most online hotel booking websites are free to use, there should be no second guessing on whether you should give them a try or not. However, if you’re still skeptical, here are a few reasons as to why you should get onboard.


Before these systems existed, prospective travelers had two options; to either contact a booking agent or to contact the hotel directly. Both these options were expensive due to the involvement of a third person as well as the hefty phone bill that racked up at the end of the month.

With online hotel booking systems, the third party is essentially eliminated. You might think that the rate comparing website keeps a certain commission that’s charged to the customer, but that’s not the case. The business model of these search engines generates profits on two things, sponsored ads and hotel referrals, both of which are charged to the hotel, not the consumer. In fact, some engines might also offer discounts on bundles and bulk booking.

Pro-tip: It’s always a good idea to sign up for alerts as hotels often offer flash discounts due to unexpected booking cancellations at the last minute.


Hotel booking search engines are also very convenient due to the multitude of features they offer. Besides being able to do a side by side comparison of amenities and prices, you can also choose to book via partial payment or a percentage advance. In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can also choose to cancel the booking with a single click, with some hotels offering a full refund in case of cancelation.

Perhaps the most convenient feature of online booking systems is location based searching, where you can define location perimeters to generate the best deals within that area.


You might have read that a hotel is awesome online and decide to go through with the booking. Upon arrival however, you realize that the reviews were outdated and that the hotel isn’t as great as you thought it was.

Many booking comparison sites allow customers to review and leave a feedback for hotels that they may have booked through the website. With this, prospective travelers can get an insight as to how the hotel is in reality and save them self from a lot of misery.


The chief selling point of hotel booking systems is that they are extremely user friendly and easy to use. Many hotel search engines are offered in different languages and have a simple interface that doesn’t require a lot of tech proficiency. Along with that, some have also started offering smart phone applications for their search engines, giving travelers further flexibility to use the system while on the go.

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