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5 Tips for Travelling Couples

There’s perhaps nothing more romantic travelling to some far-off remote location, with your beloved – spending some precious moments away from all the commotion of daily life. But while a vacation seems like the golden opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved one, there’s an equally high chance of a romantic get-away going wrong. To ensure smooth sailing, here are five tips that should be followed by all travelling couples.

5 Tips for Travelling Couples

Budget Planning

Vacations are expensive, and money doesn’t grow on trees. Make sure you plan out at least an approximation of how much you both are willing to spend as a couple, and then decide on who pays for what.  It may seem tempting to skip all the semantics and just split the tab on all incoming expenses, remember that you and your partner could have different spending habits. For example, they might want the most luxurious suite in the hotel while you search for the cheapest accommodation in the area. You might think it petty to discuss finances with your significant other before the trip even starts. However, it can prove to be quite fruitful in the long run.

Give Each Other Space

Being on vacation doesn’t mean you have to hang together all the time. As much as you may love your significant other, no two people are the same. While she may love shopping, you might want to lounge around the bar sipping some local wines. It’s a good idea to give each other space and do what you like on your own time. Don’t be afraid to venture out on your own given that you have the rest of the vacation to spend together.

Compromise is Key

Sharing the same room, car and table, you can expect to be around each other for most of the day. While this might seem like the recipe for a perfect romantic getaway, it can actually be quite straining. Especially for a new couple, you are bound to discover some new things about your significant other that you weren’t aware of before. Perhaps they snore a little too much or don’t observe the right toilet manners. Disagreements can occur, but remember; you are there to enjoy, not fret over each other’s shortcomings.

Discuss Your Expectations Beforehand

It is entirely possible for your significant other to have completely different expectations from the vacation than your own. You might be the adventurous type whose idea of a vacation revolves around cliff-jumping and other such activities while she might expect a more culturally enriching experience in the North of France. Make sure you discuss your expectations so that everyone comes out a happy camper.

Remember the Bottom-line

No matter how much you try to make it work, there’s always a chance that tensions might run high. As such, always remember why you chose to embark on this trip; to experience something new with your loved one. You’re paying good money for the next couple of days, so don’t waste it arguing over petty things.


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