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Tourist’s Guide to Paris

Why Paris?

Affectionately referred to as the romance capital of the world, there’s a reason why France’s capital ranks so high on so many tourist’s wish list. Besides being the background setting in numerous Hollywood classics such as the aptly named “An American in Paris”, the city boasts a wide variety of famous monuments, the Eiffel tower being just one of them.

But the great thing about Paris is that it adapts with time; you are likely to not see the same place again upon your next visit.  While the Faubourg-St-Denis used to be a remnant of 18th century French architecture, it has now become a hub for young adults to congregate and chat about current politics.

The city is widely considered as one of the most romantic locations in the world with a multitude of things to do. From an early lunch at one of the street side cafes to a kiss below the Eiffel tower, a trip to Paris would certainly be one for the ages.

When to Go?

While Paris has pleasant weather throughout the year, the vacation experience can be entirely different depending on when you go. Things are generally calm during the end of the summer months due to the Paris-Plages program sponsored by the city government. Restaurants leading to beaches are closed and the city is less crowded than usual. The months following August would be the best time to visit as the atmosphere is very vibrant during that time.

Places to Visit

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel TowerThe iconic monument is what the city is most famous for in the first place. Standing at more than 300meters in height, the tower was constructed as a commemoration to the French revolution’s 100 year anniversary. Today, it serves as the symbolic representation of love and romance around the world. Couples take note.

Ticket booths are located at the foot and there are two elevators that take you to the top. Since things can get quite crowded during the tourist season, you can also try taking the stairs; all 1665 of them.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame CathedralThe cathedral was originally planned during the 12th century and took over 200 years to complete. Styled with ancient French masonry and boasting a collection of gargoyles along the roof, climbing the 387 steps to the top is worth the trouble.

Moulin Rogue

Moulin RogueLending inspiration to nightclubs around the world, the Moulin Rogue was originally built as a courtship dance. Today, it is one of the most frequented points of interest in the city.

Traveler’s Advice

  • Due to the small size of the city, getting around isn’t that hard. Do not book a car beforehand as they can be quite expensive. Consider hiring a bike rental service instead
  • If you plan on using public transport, get a carnet instead of individual tickets. The carnet is significantly cheaper per ticket and also includes discounts for some frequently visited tourist sites

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