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The 3 Must-Have Gadgets for Travelling

Christopher Columbus might have set out on his epic voyage packing just a few clothes and wine barrels, but that just wouldn’t cut it in today’s technologically dependent world. What good is a vacation if you can’t take any pictures with that high resolution DSLR whose memory you forgot to clear out? Or that sweet headrest which was supposed to keep you in one piece during the plan ride? We could go on and on, so it’s better to just list the 3 essential gadgets you should carry with you while travelling.

Mobi EyeFi SD Card

Mobi EyeFi SD CardImagine traveling to one of the most remote locations in the world, where you scale a few hundred meters up a hill to get that one picturesque view of the region. Whipping out your trusty DSLR that you so woefully remembered to charge, you prepare to take a landscape shot for the ages. And then the dreaded ‘memory full’ notification pops up on your screen, shattering all your photography avocations.

Not anymore; enter the Mobi EyeFi SD Card. While it looks like a normal SD card on the surface, this Wi-Fi-enabled storage device can send all your recently snapped pictures directly from your camera to all iOS, Android, and Kindle devices. It’s compatible with most DSLR cameras and comes preloaded with the EyeFi cloud storage service for just 25GBP.

Plantronics Backbeat Sense

Plantronics Backbeat SenseHeadphones are a fairly obvious requirement for anyone who doesn’t like the sound of kids crying on a plane. But what should the perfect traveling headphones be like? Well, they must be light, comfortable and have a long battery life.

The Plantronics Backbeat Sense boasts all those qualities and more. One, they are wireless, connecting with your phone via a low powered Bluetooth setting. Two, they are noise cancelling, so no need to worry about that loud airplane engine noise interfering with your playlist marathon. Three, they come with an amazing battery life of 18 hours on continuous streaming! Among its other notable features is deep sleep mode, which allows it to last for more than 6 months. There is also an automatic play-pause functionality that detects when you have you take your headphones are not being used and stops accordingly.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle PaperwhiteWith all the fancy features listed for the above two entries, you might be wondering why we chose an e-book reader as our top pick. Well, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is as close as it gets to a real paperback book. With zero glare in bright sunlight, you can enjoy reading on it without having to adjust the brightness setting.

The Kindle store offers a wide variety of books that can be purchased digitally for a minimal fee. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the battery life; with average daily use, the Kindle’s battery can last for more than a month! You don’t even need to carry a charger with you on the trip.

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