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A Tourist’s Guide to Dubai

Why Dubai?

High rise buildings, 5 star hotels and a healthy population of supercars, Dubai is all about luxury. It’s hard to imagine that the epitome of extravagant living used to be a barren desert just a few decades ago. Today, its home to several tourist attractions, including the tallest building in the world, a tirade of shopping plazas as well as the biggest collection of privately owned islands.

Though it’s easy to see how the city draws comparisons with Las Vegas, that’s not really the case. If you plan on testing your luck at the roulette tables, you will be disappointed to find that the city has no casinos. In fact, gambling is banned throughout the Arab peninsula; the closest thing would be the Dubai World Cup.

So why go then? To experience the extent of modern human development with your own eyes. With an increasing number of megaprojects planned throughout the decade, you’d be hard pressed not to find an unfinished building within the expansive skyline of the city.

The only thing that should keep you from going is your budget; if you can afford it, there should be no second guessing on whether you should make the trip.

When to Go?

Due to its proximity to the equator line, Dubai is extremely hot throughout the year. However, most of the places are air conditioned, including the outdoor ones. Though temperatures are homogenously hot all year, January gets a little bit of rain while the period from November to April enjoys a marginally lower Celsius.

If you are planning the trip on a budget, summers are the ideal time to go as there are some great deals on hotels during this time. But keep in mind that temperatures can reach an overwhelming 50degrees Celsius in June and July.

Places to Visit

Burj Khalifa

Burj KhalifaOnce considered to be an impossible feat of engineering, the Burj Khalifa holds the record for the tallest building in the world and should be at the top of your wish-list. It extends for up to 830meters at the tip, providing the highest vantage point in the world. To give some perspective as to how tall it is, the call for breaking the traditional Muslim fast during Ramadan is announced two times; one for residents at the bottom and the other for those at the higher floors. This is because the building is so high that it experiences two sunsets!

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al ArabFamously designed in the shape of a sail, the Burj Al Arab was the world’s first 7 star hotel. With an overwhelming 70 floors as well as numerous swimming pools and tennis courts, the hotel is worth a visit.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water ParkIt’s easy to see why a water park would be appealing, considering how hot temperatures can get within the region.

Traveler’s Advice

  • Try booking tickets for the Burj Khalifa observatory in advance, as you could save up to 500 dirham
  • Drinking in public is strictly prohibited and you need a liquor license to be able to drink in bars


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